Fitness tips. Bodybuilding training for beginners.

Take into the account this fitness training program tips before joining a gym.

If you are a beginner, and you have no idea how to build your muscles, this exercise plan is for you. There are some basic principles to grow your muscles. It is impossible to build your body without these principles. Let`s talk about gym fitness workout tips for the beginning bodybuilders.

Exercises in bodybuilding are divided into muscle groups such as (chest, back, legs, shoulders, hands); and the number of muscles they involve in the work (basic and insulating); Beginners need to perform only basic exercises because only they are truly responsible for the rapid growth of muscle mass in bodybuilding. By basic exercises I mean the use of free weights (barbells, dumbbells) and in turn completely eliminate isolating exercises (simulators).


Healthy fitness tips for beginners. Introduction to the bodybuilding. What should you know before joining a gym. Fitness training program.


The right regularity of exercises. Namely, from the large muscle groups (chest, back, legs) to small (deltas, biceps, triceps).

Repetitions. In bodybuilding, 6-12 reps are used. For such a number of repetitions will promote maximum muscle growth. A series of such repetitions (6-12) is called a set.

Sets. Optimum 3-4 working sets in one exercise are considered. For example: lifting the bar to the biceps 3-4×6-12. Pay attention to working sets. There are also mashing and approaching sets that are not taken into account.

Rest between the sets: 1-2 minutes.

Training time – 40-45 minutes.

Training diary. It is a very important tool in the life of a bodybuilder. It will help you to build muscles rapidly.

Food is the base. From the right balanced diet, you will not only gain muscle mass quickly, but it will bring you huge benefits in general for your health.

Growth occurs during the rest, even when you are sleeping, but not while you are training as many beginners think. Muscles grow after it. Sleeping is also needed 8-10 hours a day so that there is no overtraining.

To sum up, these fitness tips for beginners will help you in the start of your bodybuilding path.