Gym Clothes | 5 Ideas On What To Wear To Gym

Once you decide to start the workout, you face a question: what to wear to the gym? It is an important question as anyway your workout clothes could have an influence on your training. Could make the training easier or harder. Could change your mood. And finally, could prevent you from the disaster.

Before joining the gym, you have to know some essential things how to make your training “uniform” not only fashionable but useful and safe.

Shorts or pants. A full range of motion is a MUST. While the training you will move and sweat, your clothes should be comfortable in spite of this. Never wear the shorts longer than an inch below your knees, they will hinder the range of motion. If you wear pants, it is better for them to be fixed on ankles.

Shirt or T-shirt. Just take the one which is flexible and breathable. Take into the account your sweat again, choose the shirt from cotton or wicking polyester, your shirt should absorb the sweat and do not limit your motion.

Footwear. Choosing the shoes, try to imagine exercises are you going to do in the gym. There are different kinds of shoes you can find in the shop. Footwear should protect your feet and legs. Running shoes are versatile anyway. Never wear your daily outfit shoes.

Socks. Long or short it is up to you. Just wear breathable and lightweight socks to the gym. Cotton 100%.


Gym. What to wear tips.

Never go to the gym shirtless. Respect yourself and respect others, nobody will like to lie down on the machine wet after your sweat.

Take a towel with you to wipe your sweat away, it should be always clean and soft, never share it with others. Always wipe your sweat from your body and from the machines you use.

Always wash your clothes after the workout. It will protect you from the ugly smell and be infected eventually.

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